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Tips before buying HR software

With 130 crores, India is a continent in itself. Of these a good percentage for sure has to remain employed to provide for the family (and extended family). Even by a rough estimate, the number of employed in the organized sector (without figures) could have so many people that HRMS solution providers could possibly just […]

How Can HR Software Benefit a Company

There was a time when record keeping meant ledgers, papers, books and journals. They meant another thing! Confusion, and more confusion. Worse, despite the scale of activity, most HRMS solutions of yester-years brought more confusion than solution. But then came computers, the internet and digitization which took us so, so far away in the march […]

How To Select HR software For Your Company

Affordable HR software solutions in India you get a dozen for a dime. But do they all make sense? Not necessarily. Almost like food which gets served everywhere, not all that gets served is either palatable or to one’s needs and taste. And like food, every HR software can, if not evaluated the right way, […]

What are the functions of an HRMS

AI, Big Data, Edge Computing, IoT and so on. And, humans. The latter still remains far more complicated than the former which being machine-generated has capabilities that remain within certain bands and predictable and programmable ranges. To keep the HRMS in good shape and to take out its full worth, as also to know what […]


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