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What is leave management system and how does it work

Despite all the mechanization and digitization that we see around us that’s only on the rise, if there’s one thing that does not change, it is the fact that we continue to be human beings with all our inherent shortcomings, mistakes and oversights. It can’t be rectified anytime in full and shouldn’t in fact be attempted, given the very uselessness of the endeavour. One of them, in the field of enterprise, is that of taking leaves and being absent from work. We have needs that must to be fulfilled, either planned or unplanned and inadvertent that calls for taking leaves. That said, being absent from work has its own set of implications for both employer and employee, be it related to finances, legalities or work-related efficiencies.

In the competitive scenario of the present, all this calls for taking the help of a Leave Management Software. It is in almost all cases part of HRMS and takes care of recording the leave availed by employees under all available heads from earned leaves to sick leaves, privileged and paid leaves to mention some. While doing so, the software also updates itself with the latest laws and compliance formalities such that employers stay on the right side of the law.

Among others the leave management system does the following activities :

  1. Discipline

An organization that does not record employee leaves is opening itself to trouble in various ways. People invariably start to take things easy and not report on time. Productivity goes down and if the others get wind of these things, the whole organization’s working will be chaotic and completely unproductive. One way of bringing discipline is to use a leave management software that records every leave taken and every day arrivals at the office.

  1. Record-keeping

These days with competition being what it is, one needs to be fast and sure with what information one inputs into the system. Taking time or being slow just does not help. What does help is to have records that are up-to-date in the system at the speed of light, and which provides information instantly to the organization. One of the best ways to go about it is by using an HR software india that’s fast and accurate.

  1. Monetary considerations

Every employee is a cost centre for an organization, more so when the records being kept aren’t up to the mark. In such a situation- and if the news leaks out, there can be mayhem in the organization with everyone taking a chance while coming to office either late or not coming at all or forcing the organization to calculate things according to their own individual ways of recording. All these can have a catastrophic effect on finances if the organization is large and has multiple locations. There is just no option for such or for that matter, any other organization but to go for a good leave management software.

  1. Know the mental state of employee

In the normal state, employees take leave due to various valid reasons. But when their numbers start to go haywire, it could be an indication of deeper issues that plagues the employee. It could be some kind of an undeclared trauma that could reflect on the organization’s working if not tackled right on time or in the right way. The issues could be of the employee or someone in the family- and could have a direct bearing on the reputation of the organization if not acted upon at the right time.

  1. Reporting and compliances

A leave management software is an organization’s strongest arm when it comes to compliance’s given that it reports on a vast array of deliverables, and can be tuned to report on matters that the authorities demand every now and then.

6. Alert the management of things that they may be unaware of (like bullying, unhappiness with job, harassment etc)

Besides the mental state of an employee that’s reflected in his/ her/ their taking frequent leaves, a leave management software can also bring out details that if acted upon can bring out wrong doing in the organization itself including incidences of harassment, bullying, unhappiness with the job and the kinds. In this role, the leave management software can be the perfect ally of the organization to alert the management on something that is not exactly right within the organization.

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