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What Are The Features Of Employee Management Software

Employee management, as the terms suggest is a Human Resource management software that is supposed to take care of all aspects of employment of a person right from time management, leave management, employee database and employee self-service portal. And it provides a lot of benefits to organizations that employ such a software. We tell you […]

Which Problems Did Time Tracking Software Help You Solve

Time, they say can make or break things. So true in every respect, including the employer-employee relations in most organizations. Because everything is tied down to hours spent and resultant productivity, time is central to the working of any business enterprise. And one of the best ways to streamline things, get higher productivity, ROIs, better […]

What is payroll & HR Software

There was a time when this was the standard question for any HR software provider in India. Then came HR software in India which in most cases were formed and formulated abroad that was somehow tweaked to Indian needs with loose ends galore. These days it’s the turn of the Hr software providers in India […]


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