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What is payroll & HR Software

There was a time when this was the standard question for any HR software provider in India. Then came HR software in India which in most cases were formed and formulated abroad that was somehow tweaked to Indian needs with loose ends galore. These days it’s the turn of the Hr software providers in India […]

Why Do Companies Need HRM software

The world’s headed towards interesting times where accuracy, efficiency and economy shall be the cornerstones on which corporates shall see their continued existence and growth. With every passing day, the effect of being efficient shall become obvious than ever. With uncertainty engulfing every aspect of human existence, the scope to take things easy just does […]

Key Features An HR Software Should Always Have!

Human Resources despite all the talk around Artificial Intelligence and Robotics continues to be the most important resource an organization can ever have! And it’s rightly so given the fact that it is finally the human element which prevails over everything else, and is also the central reason for the existence of an organization. It’s […]

Self Service Portal For Employees

Human Resource is the most fundamental and basic of resource in an organization. With mechanization taking away substantial parts of work from this resource, what remains is of very high importance to an organization given that they are the people who can bring real change to any organization. That said, it makes sense to the […]


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