What Are The Features Of Employee Management Software

Employee management, as the terms suggest is a Human Resource management software that is supposed to take care of all aspects of employment of a person right from time management, leave management, employee database and employee self-service portal. And it provides a lot of benefits to organizations that employ such a software. We tell you the features of employee management software

  1. It takes care of the human resource part of the organization.

Employee data right from name, photograph, qualification, experience, work accomplished etc are important details that need to be kept at a single location so as to be available easily and efficiently when most required. And one of the best ways to go about it is with the use of an employee management system that efficiently and effectively records this, preferably on the cloud.

  1. Attendance and leave management

Attendance being directly related to one’s remuneration, attendance, and leave management is one of the most central features of HR software in India. Why in India? Because here this kind of a software is most useful to small enterprise which demands attendance at its premises come hell or high-water. With an efficient attendance software, the employer-employee relations improve dramatically due to a sense of fairness and open-ness, and a feeling that justice is being done as is evidenced by constant and systematic recording. The same goes for leave management which while keeping a record vis-à-vis legal requirement, tells the employee in exact terms what to expect when more leaves are taken. It also has a system of directly applying for leave from the portal itself by means of internal communication of the software. This obviates the need to keep track of communication, and acts as evidence in times of disputes and disagreements.

  1. Shift management

Manufacturing companies and those into continuous process systems need employees to report in shifts for the process to take place efficiently over its course. Keeping track of employees while they come on their designated shifts is important to keep track of remuneration, balance leave etc. In fact, this could be a potential flashpoint in industries which if handled the right way could lead to harmonious industrial relations leading to higher productivity, more income and more positivity about the future. Shift management software is thus an important component of the hr software in India.

  1. Payroll calculations

Payment to employees are never uniform despite an entrepreneur’s best efforts to do so. And this is because of the exigencies of running a business. One could be employed under standard terms, the other on contract, and a third with stock-options and other incentives. Such being the variations, and with the need to do justice across the board with everyone, it’s expected that an organization invests in an employee management system of some expertise so as to give satisfactory replies to employee queries. On the other hand, employees being a cost centre, it remains imperative that a system such as this is with the employer all the time so as to be able to pay what is due and not anything beyond. Doing the latter, and doing it all the time could cause immense problems to organization- both in terms of finances and employee discipline.

  1. Employee self-service portal

Employee self-service and employees-only portal is a good way to keep employees informed continually about what is due to them, and do so while letting them know for themselves instead of putting in an intermerdiary. Things like leave details, punch-in time, tax calculations, pay-slips, employment terms and conditions, confidential details etc are things that ought to be known to the employee first-hand instead of its being routed thru others in the HR department. Not only does it affect employee morale, it can lead to un-necessary and unhealthy competition and feeling of being let-down and subjugated. The best way ahead is thus a cloud-based employee management software with a fairly secure employees self-service portal. Besides quickening the transfer of information and keeping data secure, it also helps keep confidentiality intact for the longest of time.

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