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Which Problems Did Time Tracking Software Help You Solve

Time, they say can make or break things. So true in every respect, including the employer-employee relations in most organizations. Because everything is tied down to hours spent and resultant productivity, time is central to the working of any business enterprise. And one of the best ways to streamline things, get higher productivity, ROIs, better products and the kinds is to invest in the best time & attendance management software.

Today we tell you the problems that a time and attendance tracking software alternatively called a bio-metric attendance software, can help solve.

1. Remuneration: With almost all employees being paid for the time they spend on employment at their desk or designated places, a time & attendance management software is possibly the only way one can calculate the exact amount payable to an employee. Also included in the remuneration could be paid for special consideration including working on holidays, extra shifts, extra hours, extra workload etc. Arriving at the correct monetary value of all these is always the forte of a time and attendance tracking software.

2. Productivity: Remuneration in tough times or times of intense competition invariably has a variable element that’s connected to productivity- not necessarily tied to time at a desk/ machine but tied to output. One of the best ways to keep track of the same could be a time & attendance management software that has a built-in facility to calculate output against time. By doing so employers could know if an employee/ worker is as productive as expected or if something needs to be done to get things in order.

3. Calculating ROI: A time & attendance management software is one of the best ways to demarcate Returns on an Investment and how much needs to be done to the present output in order to speed up the recovery of the amount invested. This goes a long way in letting management plan for the future. Also, ROIs needn’t necessarily be calculated on machines. It may also mean on managers and their output.

4. Leave and holidays: Most remuneration is paid on a monthly basis, and keeping track of leaves and holidays by employees goes a long way in rationalizing remuneration that invariably increases productivity. Calculating leaves and holidays across sections, departments and sister concerns is the time & attendance management software that does so at the speed of light with equal accuracy. Having an efficient system in the organization is a sure-shot way of giving out the right and justified remuneration to every recipient.

5. Discipline: Discipline though not a direct output and outcome of the biometric attendance software, is an outcome of the use of such a software that is perceived to bring out the right and justifiable information at all times. With employees and associates knowing exactly what they can expect, it is a given that discipline among all the workmen shall be of a very high order. Central to it is transparency in dealing which assures everyone of just the right sum of money, the right increments and the right acknowledgement of efforts. All this reduces indiscipline to a very, very large extent.

6. Workplace environment: A work environment that’s transparent in terms of remuneration and every detail relating to it can be expected to have very cordial management-worker relations at all times. Such a place can be expected to host higher productivity thru longer working (at certain times when the situation so demands) without the customary feeling of being let down or exploited.

A time & attendance management software is thus a necessity these days and not a luxury anymore. Having one on board any organization is a sure way to save costs and increase productivity and remuneration, and foster better industrial relations.

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