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Leveraging The Value Of Employee Self-Service Portals

There was a time when the HR department almost made an employee feel they owned the company, and with it, the employees! Every detail about the employee had to be given to them on designated formats and pieces of paper which were verified and only then entered into the system (which essentially meant files and more files). In the event of a loss (for reasons that could have nothing to do with the employees), the employee had to fill in the same details all over again. While being demeaning, it also exposed intimate details of an employee, productivity, remuneration and the likes out in the open. Most of all, information kept in this form was vulnerable to destruction and manipulations.

Those were then. Today, times have changed. HR software provider in India has dedicated HRMS employee self-service portals and sections that are safe, secure and water-tight like a submarine at the bottom of the sea. Nothing can affect information stored therein and it’s accessible ONLY to a select few. In fact, with the advent of Self-Service Portals in the HRMS software, employees feel they are in control of their destinies and work profiles to the extent that companies are today leveraging the same as valuable parts of the organizations. Doing so among others brings the following benefits:

1. It makes employees feel empowered

The self-service portal gives employees the right to enter information that pertains to them. Matters including remuneration, terms of service, holidays, hours worked etc can be entered by employees without the need to approach anyone else. This makes one feel in control and empowered. Of special mention here is the issue of remuneration. The lesser others know the better it is to keep people’s self-respect intact. And the best way to go about it is to give employees the right to enter information as they please (expecting that they enter the right information)

2. It gives employees the freedom to state their needs clearly and unambiguously

These aren’t times when education stops at 25 and experience takes over for the next 25 years. On the contrary, education and experience go hand-in-hand for all times given that everything seems to change very fast these days. Speed being the essence, the self-service portal is one place that gives employees the chance to state what they want in terms of training, hand-holding, knowledge enhancement and the likes- and do that really fast! With most employees these days being in a space where they know exactly what they want, the process of skill up-gradation takes place at immense speeds which benefits everyone. That, and the ability to state clearly what they want are advantages in a scenario where time-to-market has come down to hours and not even days!

3. Grievances can be aired without fear

There was a time, and in the case of certain companies it still holds, when airing one’s grievances and views to the right people was considered taboo. You had to go thru a bureaucratic set-up that invariably took time with everyone at every step extracting their pound of flesh. In the end, what was left was worse than measly peanuts! Today, if an organization wants to grow, it has to forget the stairs in the hierarchy and instead give space to employees to race up the escalator- which is what the hrms software employee self-service is all about. It gives people the freedom to connect with the right corners with speed and spirit.

4. Clearer details emerge rework, holidays, remuneration and the likes

Layers add weight and also slow things down besides obfuscating details. Without them, important details including those relating to holidays, work-hours, remuneration and the likes get transmitted with the minimum of distortions to those to whom it matters. And this is one of the biggest plusses of the employee self-service portals in any HRMS software suite.

5. Responsibility comes right back to the one to whom it matters

One of the best ways to hold people responsible is to give them the authority to do the needful when it comes to their work and their personal responsibilities. This is a sure-shot way of delegating for something that concerns them squarely.

These then are the advantages of leveraging the employee self-service portals. In fact, every organization beyond a point ought to implement such initiatives if they are to stay in step with times and circumstances.

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