Time and Attendance Management Software

What Are The Benefits Of Time And Attendance Software

Attendance management software could be one of the most hated pieces of software in any organization for rather obvious reasons! They get you where you least expect to be caught, and that too at the end of the month when your pay gets processed. That said, it’s one nifty piece of online attendance software every company must employ if it wants to make the most of every employees’ productivity!

Today we tell you how leave management software benefits an organization.

1. Timely & delay-less entry of staff’s entry and exit time resulting in increased working efficiency

Every organization is today short of time! Everything should have happened yesterday. Or so it seems. In such times, keeping people and an entire department just goes to slow things down. The perfect way instead is to invest in an attendance management software that records every ingress and exists right at that very moment and updates it in the system with the speed of light. In doing so, every activity down the line gets the speed of light, as also corresponding accuracy in record-keeping!

2. Calculation of employees’ dues can sometimes result in cost cutting

HR records need to be updated by the minute. In the absence of this payments could be made for no reason other than the fact that the right information wasn’t available at the right time. Scraps of paper kept in folders all over the place don’t mean much if they can’t be located at the right time. For this reason, it’s important to invest in a leave management software that records all relevant information right at the time that it takes place and stores it till it is required. Calculations of employees’ dues become certain.

3. Exact calculation of each staff, department and wing’s working

Money is hard to come by these days. That being the case, every enterprise is busy boosting that activity or product that sells while slowing down or completely stopping those that do not get the desired revenues. In that order, the work and commensurate worth for every employee, department and product is calculated threadbare. In doing so, the right information at the right time invariably comes from the attendance management software which shows who has been productive and to what extent.

4. Attached to an ERP, they can inform about each department’s staff’s productivity

The best attendance management software these days aren’t stand-along things. They either come as part of an existing ERP or are dove-tailed into one for brevity’s sake. In doing so, the attendance management software becomes part of a very powerful piece of system whose scope is across the organization and all of its departments and functions. Every bit of information on every employee can then be collected, collated and correlated to arrive at important HR decisions.

5. Verification & cross-checking of staff location in times of crisis

Organizations run their own risk of pilferage, thefts and other incidents. One of the best ways to confirm or deny the presence (or absence) of any employee in the workplace during those incidents is through the information stored in an attendance management software. Where the same is tied to a camera system, things can become a lot clearer and act as the perfect piece of evidence

6. Ease in keeping records of each employee’s leave, attendance etc for exact and easy calculations

If there’s one thing to HR Management, it’s wage-payment disputes and their resolution. Without the right pieces of information that could act as evidence, either the organization or the offender gets away despite being guilty or being close to it. This situation changes drastically where the right piece of information re leave, absence, travel etc is available through a good attendance management software. Disputes thus get resolved in the right and clear manner, and a peaceful work environment ensues.

7. Phasing out of an entire department/ wing!

Entire store-room full of files are said to have disappeared when things went digital and then on to the cloud. Scraps of paper went from files into cyberspace and lost their physical identity. With that went the need to maintain physical systems to store information. And with that went the need to maintain physical space. Something similar is the case of the HR department dealing with attendance management. With online leave management software, every piece of information is held in systems which obviates the need for a department, people, computers, files and the likes. Right at the gate, just one person, while doing other duties can deal with employee attendance by using the best attendance management software. This is a big change from departments full of people and physical assets which cost a lot of money!

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