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What is payroll & HR Software

There was a time when this was the standard question for any HR software provider in India. Then came HR software in India which in most cases were formed and formulated abroad that was somehow tweaked to Indian needs with loose ends galore. These days it’s the turn of the Hr software providers in India to provide customized packages to industry such that every need is fulfilled while billing and costs are kept tightly in check.

Today we tell you two main products of Hr software provider in India. These are Payroll and HR Software.

Payroll: In the end, everyone, owner or employee are in an organization for money. For owners, it’s in the form of profits. To earn the same, they employ people for a certain sum of money which could be fixed, variable or a mix of both. As such, employees get salaries. Employment these days may also be contractual against fixed sums of money with no further liabilities. A payroll software in India as such has to keep track of the monetary aspect of salaries and dues that are paid to employees (and contractors). Pay being linked to work, presence and other considerations payroll software either directly or thru an API link has to track performance and attendance to be effective and give the right pay and remuneration to employees and workers.

HR software: As an organization grows, it needs to get out of rudimentary systems including pen and paper, excel sheets and the likes, and go for something that takes into account every aspect of an employee’s relation to a company from the time such a person joins the organization right down to the time that all his dues are paid when he leaves, retires or passes aways. To that extent HR software in India has to be far more elaborate than payroll given that it has to take into account everything from performance, trainings, qualifications, ACRs and the likes.

Where HR software providers in India have done extremely well for their clients is that they have designed software that is:

  • Cost-effective that fits the pockets of every company
  • Provides information quickly and with very little problems
  • Patch available for upgrading software
  • Moving steadily to cloud which makes these software and services accessible from everywhere
  • Customizable to every need of employers
  • Customizable to every new legality and condition prevailing in the economy
  • Customizable to new systems and thoughts that are prevalent worldwide
  • Moving to SAAS which has brought down costs from CAPEX to OPEX

These days in fact, Hr software providers in India are known for their prowess at making Payroll and HR Software that’s turning out to be the best such system available worldwide!

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