Time And Attendance Tracking Software

What Is The Function Of Time And Attendance Software

An attendance management software called variously as biometric attendance software, time and attendance tracking software and online attendance software mainly has the following function :

  • It marks the days on which a workman/ workmen was/ were on the job
  • It marks the time that workman/ workmen have spent in a workplace

That said, the implication of any time and attendance tracking software is quite vast because it’s that one source which puts an end to most of the problems in any organization. In fact, it’s that solution that puts to rest all the misgivings harboured by an organization’s most important resource: Humans!

You could say that the indirect functions of a time and attendance software includes

  • It helps and identify a person’s willingness to work and weed-out trouble-makers and shirkers

The right attendance management software is one deft piece of system that immediately records and collages the working of each member of an organization. With the result that come out, it’s rather easy to pin-point the one’s who work hard from those who hardly work. By segregating workmen in this manner, several benefits accrue to an organization. One, they can simply stop the services of those who contribute less than a bench-mark expectation, or transfer them to activities where there’s a likelihood of taking more out of them. On the other hand, those working long hours and taking very less leaves can be promoted to better positions to continue and add to the organization’s growth.

  • It helps and identify a person’s efficiency at work

No two persons, despite outward similarities can ever be the same when it comes to work and work-related efficiencies. Differences may either be discovered later or in time by the use of the right technology. Of these, one of the main ones is the use of time and attendance software which explains precisely who spends how much time in doing a given activity. This could be directly co-related to the quantum of output that a person generates while at work. Putting these together, an organization can derive more from the laggards by increasing their training and knowledge quotients.

  • It helps identify each individual as a cost and profit centre as also ROIs across people and departments

Every person in the context of employment is either a cost centre or a profit centre. So too every department. If you perform and remain in the black, you are a profit centre. Otherwise you are a cost centre where cost pile-up but not necessarily income. A good attendance management software can sometimes change the very status of a department where it helps get all the information in place with respect to the efficiency and efficacy of every employee. With this kind of information, an organization can plug the bleeding leaks and take quick decisions about whether to keep or stop a department.

  • It helps keep a lid on work-related conflicts in the workplace

One of the most basic reasons of conflict at workplaces is a discrepancy in time and attendance systems which create doubts in the minds of employers and employees alike. Trust being the bedrock of any relation, distrust is the perfect recipe for disaster at a later date. If you do not want the same luck in your working, and organization, get the best biometric attendance software installed in your organization. With clarity and certainty shall come trust, faith and efficiency!

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