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Why Should An Organisation Start Using Hr Software in India

India is a big, big economy which even the worst of pandemics cannot stop. The temporary slow-down is just that, temporary. With hunger increasing and the virus’s threat receding, it shall be back to good times, albeit (and hopefully) with new lessons learnt on cleanliness and carefulness. With industry on the upswing and in forms never before encountered, including work-from-home, specialists on short contracts and the likes, the best for human resource management in the Indian context could the a HR software with India’s peculiarities built into it from ground-up.

Today we tell you of its importance in the Indian Context

1)India is a country of compliances!.

India is a welfare state in its most expansive avatar which is supposed to take care of everyone from owners, MD, CEO to office boys, supervisors and even cleaning staff be they employed or on contract. What this means that for each of these categories, across circumstances, there are conditions to be complied with including extensive documentation. A good HR software in India, in an organization be it a start-up or something that’s been around for some time, is industry’s best bet to stay on course while taking care of any and every compliance-related eventuality.

2) India is a country of multiple laws with many, many provisions

Besides being a country of compliance, India is also a country where provisions come about every day either afresh or as an extension to an existing procedure or law. Our parliament, be as it is, is equally prolific when it comes to enacting new legislations. The only way to keep abreast and two steps ahead is to have a human resource management software in India that by its very nature keeps things very fresh and recent instead of depending upon stand-along systems that find it difficult to adhere to changes every now and then.

3)Employing in India take a lot of money

Indian organizations, irrespective of what they do, their size and their legal status employ people in reasonably large numbers which go on to become a cost in time which could hurt financially if things go out of hand. To keep things in control and in line with industry needs, one needs the support of a hr software that is very vast and easily tracks every activity and costs incurred on them.

4)HR Software helps map not only what resources are available but also where they can be redeployed

Continuing from the above, HR software and more so in the Indian context, can map out the deployment of resources as also suggest redeployment depending upon needs and perceived needs. This is of a lot of importance as good human resource is hard to come by and an organization having its share without adequate work could be tempted to release them while being in a dilemma in doing so. A HR software could take care of things by mapping needs against available resources and effectively diverting resources to meet needs.

5)HR software maps competencies across the organization

HR software is a complete suite that not only records every activity done by every human resource, be it in employment or otherwise, but also maps the person’s apparent competencies in doing so. This helps an organization either retain or release resources depending upon their performance as also an organization’s needs

6)HR software if on the cloud, can be accessed from any place helping in times of crises

HR management software in india ought to be global. What it means is that anywhere on the planet where there is net connectivity, the organization’s authorized personnel should have the means to know everything about the organization’s existing human resouces and their present position. And that takes place ONLY with a cloud-based HR management software. Management of any Indian organization cannot always be expected to be in India in the premises of the organization. Management ought to have the freedom to be where they deem fit. Add to that sudden situations like the pandemic which deems it necessary to stay away from crowded places including one’s office and factory complexes and be in the safety of home while the show goes on. And how can the show go on in such circumstances? By using cloud based HR software which remains accessible worldwide.

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