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Tips before buying HR software

With 130 crores, India is a continent in itself. Of these a good percentage for sure has to remain employed to provide for the family (and extended family). Even by a rough estimate, the number of employed in the organized sector (without figures) could have so many people that HRMS solution providers could possibly just sit around and yet get reasonable business to run their daily affairs. That said, not all HR software providers in India are the types who attract the right attention for the simple reason that not all of them provide the best features, upgrades, backups and prices that clients look for. That said, given India’s employment diversity, practically any and every HR software maker here can make a decent income, provided they adhere to the most basic of services in their packages.

For all those of our readers who find our blogs interesting and worth visiting this site again and again, today we share a few tips on what to look for before buying HR software packages!

1. Get the format of your organization and all its departments

Most of us certainly won’t go buying a car unless we know the basics of driving and have some knowledge of what it entails to own and keep a vehicle. Something similar is the case with investing in a HR software. It’s expensive, complicated, needs constant maintenance, upgrades, and most of all, needs specialized manpower where-ever there is an issue! That being the case, first get your specs and needs clear in the form of a formally appointed committee which does a detailed study of the organization, its peculiarities, and what exactly it needs. That said, such an exercise should also focus on where the organization is headed and needs in the future, both immediate and in some time.

2. If possible, get a cloud-based product

Sky’s the limit when things go onto the cloud! And this isn’t talking through the hat. Cloud-based products take away the need to invest in stand-alone packages which are difficult to upgrade and can be accessed only from designated places. The best part about cloud-based hrms solutions is that there is no fear when it comes to upgrades. Most cloud-based products have a graded system wherein the levels of services keep increasing with every package which mirrors the organization’s growth and new needs. Likewise, in a down-turn as the one we presently face, cloud-based HR software providers in india have built-in packages which can effectively down-grade one’s needs and with it, costs as well- without compromising on quality of work and data security.

3. If possible, get a product that has big-data & AI abilities for present and future uses

It’s not ONLY marketing that needs information on the likely scenarios of the future to plan and produce accordingly. Even HR needs to understand what would be the future needs of an organization in terms of personnel, who is most likely to be inducted and the likes. With a mass of raw, unstructured information one would otherwise get from any system, it’s difficult to make out anything. It’s precisely for this reason that one needs the assistance of AI which can sift thru mass of information and decipher patterns.

4. Always go for standardized products and organizations

HR Software in India is made by everyone from organizations working out of garages to ones who own entire buildings and employ in hundreds. This, though is no yardstick to analyze who makes better HRMS solutions. What is to be seen is one’s ability to remain innovative and updated with respect to the subject. In most case (if not all), it’s those with deep pockets who can afford to get the best minds who make the best HRMS solution packages. Even that may seem insufficient. Try getting information of the company’s sales organization-wise. Organization nearest to your size, shape and output should be seen as use-cases. If they report positively, and other important parameters seem met, do not waste time and go for the product ASAP.

5. Take special care and see to it that your personnel are trained well about the HRMS package

Once the HR software provider in india who is selling you the package departs, there is very little you can do to bring them back and get them to do your bidding. For that reason, at the time of purchase itself, issues relating to training personnel should be chalked out well with a proper time-table in place. In addition, there ought to be people from the HR sotware provider’s team sitting in your office/ premises till the package is firmly entrenched in your daily working with a sizable number of employees being trained to handle all its features and functionalities.

6. For organization employing contract labour in large number, the system should look into compliances and inform well in advanceContract workers at every level is a reality all organizations toward work with. Be it on the shop floor or the board-room, they are to be found doing very important activities. Their numbers are only increasing with the day. The consequence of this development is that the government has increased the compliance on the part of the employer who in most cases means the one on whose premises the contract worker is found working. Non-compliance can bring about big penalties monetary and otherwise. For this reason, the HRMS solution package being thought about ought to have adequate provisions to take care of compliances as also inform the employer about important dates and events well in advance so as to do the needful and never incur penalties.

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