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How To Choose The Right HRMS For Your Needs?

HR Software in India is the need of the hour given that industry is only growing by leaps and bounds! The most populous country has an insatiable appetite for enterprise of every kind, be it a sole proprietorship to those employing in hundreds. And if there is one thing that guarantees to keep things stuck together and working the right way, and which is also great for the ROI, it HAS to be without a doubt, a HR Software be it a stand along one or a Cloud HR software solution!

That said, it isn’t the easiest of things to procure a HR software given the multitude of needs it is expected to address, and the equally bewildering array of obstacle needed to be crossed before one can hope to obtain the right HR software.

Today we tell you of a few steps to take before you can procure your dream HR software in India!

1.    Look at your HR department and see if any changes/ additions/ deletions etc are needed and then finalize its structure.

Buying a HRMS solution is almost like buying a home! You need one when you are single and also when you become a grand-father! What it essentially means is that one’s needs change though the NEED itself ALWAYS remains. Knowing what is needed thus comes first in the order of things. A start-up may have a very different need when compared with that of a MSME or an enterprise that is bigger. That said, every organization in its present situation does have set and established needs that require fulfilling. What it calls for is a clear idea of such needs with a structure in place. If the very structure of the HR department asks for changes/ additions, first do that on an urgent basis, and then and ONLY then, look towards getting a HRMS solution.

2.  Know the kind of software that shall suite your needs depending upon your existing situation

HRMS, despite its costs and due to its sheer usability, is today a need and not only a want. From the smallest of SMEs to larger enterprise to multinationals, everyone needs HRMS solutions as also the best HR software providers in India. That being the case, the market is choc-a-bloc with makers and distributors whose products are equally vast and varied in terms of costs, features and usages. Such a range can sometime confuse buyers and users, and they could then be stuck with products which do not match their needs or cost them a bomb without commensurate output.

3.  Know what your budgets are

It’s one thing to know one’s needs, wants and providers and quite another to have the wherewithal to procure the same, maintain it and look at upgrades when they are due. Money then is the most important consideration due to which HRMS buyers sometime settle for lesser products instead of buying the right product. That said, the best strategy in such cases would be to go for the most apt product ie the HRMS solution, and look for a quid-pro-cuo kind of a deal where the buyer instead of money does something of value for the seller. This could be very subjective though and each case needs to be looked at from the point of view of merit.

4.  Know who the best service providers are and make a list

As was mentioned in the previous point, it’s important to know who provides what in the context of HRMS software. HR software in India can be procured in two ways. First, go to the dealer of established brands or go with ones who make products by themselves. Either ways, the buyer has to be very clear with respect to what they want, who can provide the same at the best of price and terms and conditions. Doing this exercise, one should also try and get all possible information about the service provider by getting testimonials and comments from their buyers. This could be difficult sometimes but for the sake of longitivity, ought to be done.

5.    Get full information on all the finalized service providers

It’s quite nice to have a list of the best providers in the market. Collating them and enquiring from the markets get you all the possible information on who sells what, for how much and on what terms and conditions. That being the case, one must finalize the HR software seller in India in their vicinity at the earliest. But for that, one must be very clear why the particular dealer/ makers is being sought after so rigorously. This could include their knowledge of their product, after-sales abilities, AMCs, ability to fund the sale of the product etc. Before finalizing the dealer, it thus makes sense to list out what one wants and finding out from the list who is best to solve them.

6.    Ask them for references and given them a test case

The proof of the pudding is in its eating. That unfortunately is easier said than done. A pudding can be left half-eaten but never an HRMS solution which HAS to be bought after paying its price- unless the seller has withheld material knowledge about the product which could occasion the contract’s cancellation. Unless of course one has resources enough to expend, one must get all possible references about the product and the dealer so that the correct product is bought in the very first go! In doing so, one saves enormous sums of money, and time.

7.    Make the decision on what you want to procure and when

With the product being finalized and so too the seller, the user of the HRMS solution should forthwith move towards procuring the product and having it installed, tested and meshed with the existing system in the company/ organization/ enterprise. Doing so gives the HR operations in any organization much-needed expertise in the right time to get things in place so that ROIs become positive at the earliest.

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