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How To Select HR software For Your Company

Affordable HR software solutions in India you get a dozen for a dime. But do they all make sense? Not necessarily. Almost like food which gets served everywhere, not all that gets served is either palatable or to one’s needs and taste. And like food, every HR software can, if not evaluated the right way, can turn an organization sick with the extra-efforts to be put, the extra-money to be spent and the extra-waste to be generated for no conceivable reason.

And also like good, good food, a good HRMS solution too brings that very essential smile of satisfaction to any organization that has the luck of selecting and using the best available tool.

And like food, India too is choosy when it comes to affordable HR software or as they say HRMS solutions! Among other things, Indian enterprise look for the following feature when they go hunting for HRMS solutions:

1.    Requirements of the organization in the present and foreseeable future

Love doesn’t exist in the lexicon of business entities. Concern does. And so too profitability and commitment. All these can be had where the organization invests in the best HRMS solutions that provide for all of the organization’s needs whether in the present or in the conceivable future. Organizations are as diverse as humans and no single product or set of features can suffice the needs of them all. A MSME’s needs across industries and type of organization, would be radically different from that of a bigger organization or a proper corporate entity on which the entire industry depends. Mind you, every industry today, right from start-ups to legacy companies need HRMS solutions because doing so lets the management and those at the helm concentrate on business, growth and survival while leaving important though mundane matters to the best means ie software.

2.    Scalability

MSMEs and sole-proprietorships won’t remain the same always. With time, efforts and luck most may see growth, and sometimes even stupendous growth. For that reason, frugal needs of a start-up may not hold for a larger enterprise or one with multiple-city, multi-product set-ups for that the best course of action may be a cloud-based HRMS solution. Scalability is very, very important when one thinks of investing in the right HR software solution. Agreed that growth may sometimes outstrip what an existing HRMS solution may be able to provide in which case a new software could be the only solution. In this case too, data and systems should be such that they get transferred with minimum issues from existing to a new system.

3.    Security

Data of every kind, be it related to finance, proprietary know-how, HR practices, personnel, sales or logistics is the exclusive preserve of an organization which should never be privy to outsiders. A good HRMS system ought to provide security when it comes to HR-related issues with zero probability of any information getting leaked to unauthorized persons.

4.    Costs

Cost in fact, forms the very central reason most organizations take a compromise and suffer the consequence at a later date. Ideally, if the HRMS solution takes care of all the needs and is designed to scale-up irrespective of organization size, costs shouldn’t be a consideration- if the product is genuinely good, used by many organizations, and has a reputation of providing flawless services for years. HRMS solutions in such cases invariably have cloud support. Costs, if worked out taking into account product USPs, should never come in the way of growth and progress.

5.    After-sales services including number of dealers

One consideration which takes out the best of newbies from the market of HRMS solutions in India is after-sales solutions. Software by its very nature are things that need some support or the other at a later date which could include upgrades and patches to do away with bugs. That being the case, organizations with deep pockets which can guarantee efficient after-sales services ought to be selected over untried products which promise much but are likely to fall short on delivery at a later date.

6.    Compliances be it for own employees or vendor-employed

One factor that is increasingly getting prominence in the corporate field is that of compliance of mandated legalities, be it about declarations to do with employment, and terms and conditions or to do with pay scales, positions and things like PF, ESI and other-related benefits. And all it takes is one slip for the best of organizations to land into trouble. The same applies to direct employment or through vendors. That being the case and that being the implication, it makes sense to have HRMS systems which keep a trace of compliances in the most stringent and flawless manner with constant and timely reminders of what needs to be done, and when.

India as a market is BIG, and so too Affordable HR Software providers. That said, not everything that shines can be gold. To sieve the gold and leave the rest, use the above parameters rigorously!

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