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What do HR managers look for in HR management software

India today has some of the biggest and most diverse of industries and industrial organizations that call for the best and most comprehensive of HRMS solutions. And quite rightly so given that the biggest HR software providers in India give products which have diverse features which HR managers worldwide would like their software suites to have. We tell you what the bigger and better organizations’ HR management look for in HR software tools!

– Scalability: Indian companies are on the growth path. MSME and start-ups don’t remain the same here and want to use HR software providers which grow quickly with need, and of course with speed. Ideally, most would want full-feature HRMS solutions at the price of a plain-vanilla product which means HR software providers in India have to be very adaptive to circumstances, and build products around customer needs taking care of the latter’s scalability needs.

– Ease of use across departments: HRMS solutions these days are like a piece of software that is used and updated across departments given that human resource in any organization is the one binding resource which is found in every department. Not all details required by the HR software can be expected to be keyed-in exclusively by the HR department. In fact, most information re individuals, their personal records, leave-requirements, needs, views etc are filled by employees themselves. That being the case an ideal HR software in India ought to have UX & UI such that it appeals to human resources across the organization and does not overwhelm or antagonize them in any way but instead gives them the confidence to go ahead and enter pertinent details.

– Cost-effective: An HR solution provider in India has to understand two things rather clearly. One, the market is BIG. And the other than competition is equally BIG. This means just one thing. Give all the bells and whistles at prices which hold the Corporate’s management’s attention long enough for them to take a positive decision. And that comes across ONLY when prices are more than right because at the end of it, PRICES MATTER! With formats like cloud HRM solutions, HRM apps and the likes coming into the market practically every day, one has no option but to remain cost competitive!

– Easy accessibility: Indians are a travelling lot these days, and they travel quite extensively. And while they travel, they can’t be expected to leave their business entirely on their second-in-command who may not be experienced enough or just not placed right to take the right decisions. Also, with the internet and smart devices, the scope of delegation is relegated more towards execution rather than decision making. HR Management is then about easy accessibility 24 x 7 to take the right decisions, at the right time. An HRMS solution that does not guarantee easy accessibility is a no-go from the word go. On the other hand, an HR software in India which is built around the ideas of 24 x 7 easy accessibility across the globe will thrive and grow, and take the enterprise in its growth journey.

– Compliance-related matters: Employing human resources today across capacities and activity are controlled by statutes and laws which mandate that certain information be supplied to regulators from time to time. In the real-world working, with the kind of pressures felt by management and department heads, it is entirely possible that some or the other such compliance may inadvertently get left out. In the eyes of law, such oversites have no place and remain a contravention which in most cases call for action including penalties and strictures. In most cases, these oversites take place for one simple reason. Oversight. And the easiest way to prevent them is to have a dedicated HRMS system which takes care to remind the right set of people to do the right things.

– Reporting in many formats: Human Resource is both a resource and a cost which needs to be balanced in many ways to get the right output. In doing so, reports on costs and productivity are a must without which no correct decisions can ever be taken. In this regard, HR Management is always on the look-out for HRMS solutions that give the best, latest and most comprehensive of reports while taking into account many, many factors and reasons.

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